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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday mornings stocks in play

Good morning traders,

PLUG was finally up yesterday 8% on over 680k shares traded.  It was the biggest day in over a week.  The stock closed very close to the high for the day and was in a steady uptrend.  Pulling away from the 50-day average is definitely a positive sign.  I'll be watching closely today for new highs.

The metals from previous posts (BRD, GSS, GPL, and LPR) are still trading sideways.  They have reached a relative low and are basing strongly.

I dumped CBRX last week to Get into PLUG.  I read this morning that they will reverse split at a 1:8 ratio.  I've never had a profitable trade when these stocks reverse split.  Scratch this one off your watch list for now.

Those with strong stomachs may wish to check out FFN this AM.  Up 25% yesterday on the coattails of FB's highly profitable quarter, it may have more room to run.  Beware of the First half hour Bull Trap.  Patience, timing, and a plan is what separates the winners from the bagholders.

Best of luck trading and have a great weekend,


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